About us

Welcome to Shonan Kamakura! We’re a talented team of chefs and restaurateurs who share a deep passion for Japanese cuisine. Dine with us in the Melbourne CBD and savor the true flavors of Japan, our food both authentic and delicious. We believe in using fresh ingredients and following the traditions of Japanese cooking, this ensuring each and every dish is prepared with integrity and at a top-quality standard. Our menu features a wide range of choices including sushi, donburi rice bowls, udon noodles, traditional entrees and delicious specials like katsu curry or ramen.

Our casual atmosphere and modern dining space makes a visit to Shonan Kamakura suitable for any occasion. You can visit us at lunch and dig into signature bento boxes with colleagues, or come by in the evening with family or friends to enjoy great food alongside Japanese beer and sake. We’re conveniently located on Katherine Place, just off Flinders Street near Southern Cross Station. We look forward to seeing you soon!